Busan, Korea’s Second City

Just a few hours away from Seoul by bullet train, Busan is Korea’s second largest city and a destination known for its beautiful natural scenery and delicious seafood.

In the city’s southern district is Oryukdo Island, which actually consists of 5 or 6 small uninhabited islands. Standing on the transparent skywalk extending over the sea, visitors can see all the way to Japan on a clear day. A nearby coastal walking trail connects to scenic Igidae Park and provides stunning views of the city skyline.

Another popular natural destination is Haeundae, which includes sandy Haeundae beach with soaring skyscrapers and mountains as a striking backdrop. Nearby Dongbaekseom Island is known for its red camellia blossoms in winter.

In Central Busan, visitors can get a feel for the city’s history as an important port in the region. The iconic Jagalchi Fish Market serves businesses and tourists alike with its impressive selection of seafood. Arrive early in the morning to see the daily catch brought in, then summon up the courage to order san-nakji—freshly killed octopus that is still wriggling!

Formerly a refugee settlement, Gamcheon Cultural Village has now earned the nickname “the Santorini of Busan” after local university students redecorated the buildings as an art project. Now, the unique revitalized village is home to many art galleries, museums and cafes just waiting to be featured on your Instagram feed!